"The Second City Guide to the Opera" Is A Hit. Again.


““Back and even better. The new version is equally hilarious and probably even more effective. Three of the five comedians are back for this adaptation, with new material, as is brilliant co-writer, composer-arranger, music director Jesse Case. New segments include a fully improvised operetta - to great ‘musicale’ results and belly laughs all around. Although some of the musical numbers are not purely operatic, they are actually quite touching,  and in the small setting, even poignant. ‘The Guide’ has proven itself to be a superb idea. Let’s hope this becomes an annual enterprise with fresh material each year.” - The Sun-Times

“It's funny. Very, very funny. From the opening bit on long, boring overtures through a monologue for the cognoscenti by a hilariously irritated Schoenberg, a psychoanalytic session for Faust, a glimpse of the madness that goes on in the orchestra pit, a masterful take-down of the master class, and much more, right up to the finale - all performed and sung with aplomb - it's a thoroughly enjoyable roast, likely to appeal to both the occasional and regular opera-goer, and to tourists who can check off the opera house and Second City on a single ticket. - The Chicago Reader

Jesse Case