"A Red Line Runs Through It" is a hit.


“One of the funniest shows I’ve seen in Chicago in a while. The ensemble truly shined in the musical numbers... under the outstanding musical direction of Jesse Case—who also wrote all of the original music.” - CHICAGO STAGE STANDARD | FULL REVIEW

"Pointed and topical material... the show's music, generally, makes up much of its best material, with strong contributions by musical director Jesse Case." - TIME OUT CHICAGO | FULL REVIEW

"Music is integral to the show as a whole... Some of the best skits also involve singing, such as a political rap battle, an ironic love song to Rahm Emmanuel, and an improvised song based upon an audience call-out (in this case, crazy drivers), among several others. Compliments to Jesse Case." - CHICAGO CRITIC | FULL REVIEW

"The cast sings of gunshots... Of school closings... Of Laquan McDonald. The cast of "A Red Line Runs Through It" clearly gave considerable thought to what, exactly, you are seeing when those doors open on the right... one of my favorite of the e.t.c. shows of the last 20 years. For it is exceptionally well-written." - THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE | FULL REVIEW

Jesse Case