FOXFINDER is a hit.


"Foxfinder" is a ripping good yarn, a heavily plotted, pyscho-sexual, HBO-like story of the effects on a mature marriage of the arrival of a young man with power and absolutist thinking. And this production, superbly directed by Margaret Knapp, never sags for a second. The whole affair is scored by Jesse Case with formidably complex results." - THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"Jesse Case’s score deserves special praise. This is one of the best examples of world-building I’ve seen onstage in quite some time, and when building a world onstage it’s details like these that count."- TIMEOUT CHICAGO

"The design elements are very strong in this show. The true standout is the original music and sound design of Jesse Case. Some is truly sinister while other segments are quite beautiful. The music is used throughout all scene changes and sometimes underscores the action itself. It is always spot on and effective."  - SPOTLIGHT ON THE LAKE

"Come ready to be disturbed, and also know that it’s worth it. In no small way, this is due to the haunting original music and sound design by Jesse Case. Discordant strings are loud with rhythms that seem to pulse with anxiety. This is a composer who sonically details the dark side with compact musical phrases." - PICTURE THIS POST

Jesse Case